Located in Turkey but operating worldwide, TEPtext is one of the main suppliers of high-quality technical fabrics used in both indoor and outdoor mechanical curtain applications. As a leading name in developing innovative textile coatings for applications including metallized, non-flammable, high-resistance, antibacterial and outdoor curtains, TEPtext has extensive experience spanning over 30 years. Offering exceptional delivery service from its warehouse across the entirety of Turkey, TEPtext defines product developments for architectural solutions as its priority area. Today, TEPtext continues to hold its market-making position, with its ever-growing team of industry experts, as well as bringing quality supply solutions catered to the individual needs of its clients.



Tepecik was founded and began its journey in 1995 with Murat Tepecik, an academician & engineer, by providing finished curtain systems with a special focus on technical textiles. Today, in the sector of technical textiles, product diversification continues under the TEPtext brand by the second generation of the Tepecik family.



TEPtext's vision is to maximize heat and light performance with metallized coating technologies and to develop PVC-coated exterior and interior fabrics on Polyester, Trevira, and Fiberglass based materials using pre-tensioned weaving.